Discover the big companies who have placed their trust in our B2C and B2B digital marketing solutions to boost their results.


Inbound Marketing & Automation

Client: FirstStop - Bridgestone
Sector: Automotive

We expanded and improved the digital contact points with the FirstStop audience to strengthen top of mind, consideration and traffic to more than 200 distributing garages throughout Spain.

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Inbound & Social Media Marketing

Client: Galápagos
Sector: Pharmaceutical

We developed the digital launch of the pharmaceutical company in Spain, positioning it and generating a qualified database rheumatologists and hospital pharmacists.

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CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation & Sales

Client: Mivet
Sector: Animal Health

We optimised the digital presence of MIVET to boost branding and the capture/conversion of customers at its more than 30 veterinary clinics centralised in a full CRM.

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Social Media, Paid Media & Data Driven Marketing

Client: Unilever
Sector: Mass consumption

We maximised the results of the paid campaigns on social media through the creation of qualified audiences for each of the company's brands.

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Social Media & Paid Media Marketing

Client: Zoetis
Sector: Veterinary pharmaceuticals

We built, energised and promoted a vertical digital community destined to be a reference point for the cattle sector in Spain.

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Social Media & Paid Media Marketing

Client: Universia - Banco Santander
Sector: Banking

We developed a digital international strategy on social media to unify and strengthen branding and engagement in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. 

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Loyalty Platform

Client: Unidad Editorial
Sector: Media

We implemented a complete digital loyalty platform to promote subscriptions to the publishing groups titles through an intuitive programme of incentives and rewards.

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Commercial Gamification

Client: Enel
Sector: Energy

We developed an exciting gamified sales competition based on beating sales targets, consumption of sales skills content and challenges between members of the team. 

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Gamification for HR

Client: Navantia
Sector: Engineering

We designed and launched an attractive gamified system with the aim of encouraging the diffusion and assimilation of Navantia’s Equality Plan

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